The buying process

Choose the Location

The first step to buying a block of land is choosing the location that you would like to live. Consider if you want to be close to schools, shops, employment, public transport, sporting precincts, etc.

Obtaining Finance (if required)

Talk to your bank or finance broker to establish how much you can borrow for your house and land, and obtain a pre-approval to purchase.

You may also be eligible to apply for a grant such as the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG).

Selecting and Purchasing a Block of Land

To select a Lot, our selling agents at Gagliardi Scott Real Estate will help you find a Lot best suits your location, size and budget. Once you have selected a Lot you can decide to take out an Option on the Lot, or you can offer to purchase (Under Offer).  

The following is an outline of the process to purchase:


This means your selected Lot is "on hold" generally for 7 days while you arrange pre-approved finance, find a conveyancer and obtain building quotes (if required). After the 7 days you are required to notify the agent if you wish to proceed with an offer or not.


Upon confirmation of your offer to purchase a Lot, your Lot is then considered as being Under Offer. Sale Instructions will be sent from the selling agent to both the seller's property conveyancer and your property conveyancer outlining the price and terms of the sale. A Contract of Sale will then be prepared for signing. The terms of the sale will outline when finance approval is due and whether the settlement will take place at 30, 60 or 90 days from the date of contract signing. If the land is not titled at the time of purchase, the settlement will take place 14 days after titles have been issued. 


Once the contract has been signed by the seller (Vendor) and yourself (Purchaser), your Lot is then classed as being Under Contract and your deposit will be paid to the selling agent at this point in time. The deposit is normally 10% of the land purchase price. 

Engaging a Property Conveyancer

A property conveyancer (or solicitor / lawyer) is responsible for preparing the Contract of Sale to purchase land. They will arrange for you to sign the contract when it is ready. Once the contract has been signed by you (the Purchaser) and the Seller (Vendor), the contract is then classed as exchanged.

Settlement Process

After signing the Contract of Sale, your property conveyancer will make arrangements with your bank, the vendors representative and any other authorities for settlement to take place on the agreed date. On the day of settlement, funds will paid to the vendor and you will be the legal owner of the Lot.