The construction process

Phase 1


The first phase in the construction process is earthworks. In this phase the topsoil is removed, the site is leveled and any rock is removed.

Phase 2


The next phase is the digging and laying of drainage. This includes the sewer pipes and stormwater connection.

Phase 3

Connecting Services

Once the drainage is completed, the services are connected. The services provided to each lot are gas, electricity, water and fibre optics (NBN).

Phase 4


In this phase the streets really start to take shape with roads, kerbs, footpaths and driveways being laid. 

Phase 5


Now that construction is complete, testing is required by authorities before Statement of Compliance is received. This includes inspecting all of the services and can take up to 6 weeks but can vary 

Phase 6


Once Statement of Compliance is achieved, the Titles Office can then issue a title for each lot. This takes approximately 2 weeks but can vary. Once titles are issued, settlement can now take place according to the time frame set out in the contract of sale.


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